mana Mana - Engineering

The company exists over 10 years and dealing with production and marketing in China, Taiwan and South Korea.

Shlomit Hassid– Graduate of computer science in the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (B.Sc) and Microsoft MCSD. Projects & IT Manager with over 16 years of industry in Hi-Tech companies (IBM, BayNetworks, Amdocs, Daisy) worked in high level positions (VP) in computing area, customer-service and business development.

Nizan Danzig– Electronic Engineer, graduate of the Technion Haifa. Worked in design & research unit ,and over 10 years in the Israeli Hi-Tech as product manager in the operation department and transfer from design to production.

Production Areas

  • Plastic Single & Double Injection (including molding).

  • MIM – Metal Injection Molding.

  • Aluminium injection – Die casting..

  • Lost Wax and Sand Casting – Ferrous and non Ferrous metals.

  • CNC, Turning, Extrussion, Stamping.

  • Fast models and 3D printing.

  • Ordinary and selective plating and coating – Ni. Tin, Au, Copper and more.

  • Electronic harnesses & Cables according to customer needs (including molded cables).

  • PCB, PCBA, MCPCB, Flex and rigid combination.

Consulting Areas

  • Designing, Implementing & Deploying Systems Management & Control Solutions- packages according to customer's needs.

  • Managing large projects such as: Telco, networking , CRM, security, databases.

  • Business Development Consulting.

  • Consulting in Designing Customer-Service Center using CRM packages.

Shlomit Hassid - CEO: +972 - 50 - 4 91 70 79

Nizan Danzig – VP Engineering : +972 - 52 – 2 80 70 73