Plastic and Rubber

Q: How many molds need for double injection?

A: Only one with two injectors' machine


Q: How is the adhesive quality between both materials?

A: The double injection occurs while materials are hot inside the mold and this is why the adhesion between the materials is the best can achieve.


Q: Why we need combination of ABS and TPR?

A: The ABS gives the strength and the TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber) provides soft touch and preventing slippery when wet.


Q: what we can use for sealing?

A: The TPR is excellent for sealing and good for tact switches cover, membrane switches, rubber key pads Etc.


Q: what is MID?

A:.MID is: Mold Interconnect Device often used in automotive devices

TPE ( Thermo Plastic Elastomer) with metal element


Q:What is IMD?

A: IMD is In Mold Decoration. This is beautiful printed film that you can't get by regular plastic coloring or by painting. The film is inserting into the mold and becomes part of the product during the injection process.


Film material: PC or PET. Possible resin: ABS or PC.

Advantages; Multi color printing, Capable for 3D design shape.

Can apply in single and double injection.