Emergency Simulation System

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Its a realistic and interactive 3D environments for training. Emergency Simulation Systems (EES) visually simulate the processes with real-time feedback on a single or multiplayer platform in a 3D environment.

How does EES work?

The simulation consists of a realistic, interactive 3D environment using the latest game technologies where the users are put into situations where they must decide and interact as they would do in real life. The multiplayer option allows various users to play at the same time all different roles that are present in an emergency scenario.

Why simulations?

Our simulations are focused on emergencies. To optimize the operators' performance in an emergency it's essential to know - in an automatic manner - what has to be done.
In other words: Practice! The benefits of a virtual training program become evident: compared to a real simulation you can train in the virtual system as many times and as many employees as necessary, without altering the normal course of the company. Highly time and cost consuming preparations and performing aren't necessary any more.

E-Learning Packages

Our Programs train operators staff to maximize the performance in emergency situations .We offer generic packages for different kinds of emergencies.

Available e-learning packages:

Hotel Staff

Police Staff

Industrial Stuff