PCB Layout Design

PCB Layout Design

PCB Layout design PCB Layout design process generally starts with Circuit Schematics that have been captured using a Schematic Capture package like ORCAD. Such a package will provide the requisite Schematics and Net-List files.

There are several SIGNAL INTEGRITY related issues in Layout Design.
1- Strict length constraints due to controlled timing delay requirements.
2- lines may need to have well defined Characteristic Impedance and/or constraints on parasitic capacitance or inductance.
3- lines specially routed so as to minimize the electromagnetic radiation susceptibility, interference and noise.

More complex or high frequency the design is, the greater are the SIGNAL INTEGRITY issues.

list of the factors that influence the layout design:
Circuit type- Whether the circuit is completely Digital or completely Analog, or Mixed Signal?
Maximum Frequency used
Is it an RF circuit?
Impedance control requirements
Differential pairs, Length and delay control
Split Planes
Net Shielding

Expertise- we work as an extension of your engineering department providing all the technical expertise, and support you need to design and produce high quality boards.

Support & Planning- planning is essential for the success of your product complex, the right degree of preparation will enhance your project.
we will assist you at every level, as our aim is to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Capacity & Flexibility- Our economies of scale ensure that all your PCB production objectives and targets are met.
However, we are conscious of the need to build intimate and flexible relationships with yourselves, so you will never have the feeling of being 'lost' within a huge corporation.

 we are using the best in Class PCB design Tools .
Cadence tools for Back End Layout, Placement & Routing, Physical verification.
Cadence based tools for Analog design & simulation.

Interfacing- To ensure the smooth transfer of data from schematics and design specification through to product test data we are able to accept and generate data in many formats.


Providing design solutions,
covering all aspects of PCB LAYOUT

Impedance controlled & Matched lengths Backplane expertise.
Crosstalk controlled. RFlayout design specialist.
Analog and digital. Flexi & flexi-rigid
High Speed Signal
Integrity simulation consulting.
Blind & buried.
Technology production consulting. Micro-vias, Stacked Micro Via.
Mechanical Design & consulting. Package & substate layout design.
System & board design level
(H/W & software).
Load boards, for chip testers
Manufacture & assembly prototype boards Differential / balanced pairs.