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Mana Engineering manufactures the PCB's through selected suppliers in China.

Mana Engineering serves as a "One Stop Service". We strive to provide full solutions to our customers - "One Single Point".

We produce PCB's from Single Side & Double Side boards and multilayer boards up to 30 layers.

We provide mass production services including "Fast Lane" prototype production for R&D purposes.

Mana Engineering can also provide you the Layout design in Israel,

PCB production, components collection and assembly in China.


Mana Engineering provides you advanced technologies with the added value of our services:

Our suppliers use the latest technologies to bring the customer the latest and cost effective solutions as the present day demands.

We bring you added values services such as:

Engineering – Supervised by Electronic Engineer with over 30 years of experience in this field, from electronic design up to transfer from design to manufacturing.

Technical support,

Layup construction - An evaluation of PCB technology - Single Sided, Double Sided and Multilayer PCB's use different dielectric materials and copper foils.  High speed circuitry requires dielectric space and line width to be controlled.  In a multilayer board the layer stack up must have balanced copper to prevent board warp.  Material stack-ups must be clearly defined to control electrical performance.  Total thickness of the finished PCB should approach 1.6 mm to enable use of industry standard connectors

Controlled Impedance calculations,

Quick turn-around plantto achieve prototype production at the minimum time required (our target is 24 hours if possible).

PCBA – Our special assembly process is designed specifically to save the customer's time. Assembly services are also available in Israel upon request.

Mana Engineering provides our customers with a wide range of products – Rigid PCB's in different dimensions and shapes, flexible PCB's, combined rigid and flex., aluminum based PCB's, different solder masks and colors, silk printing and more.